Sheep Creek


Where is Sheep Creek Subdivision?  

Sheep Creek Subdivision is located in Liberty, UT, very close to the Eden/Liberty border. To clear up any confusion, at one time, this subdivision was once referred to as “The Preserve” and the term is still used on the Entry monument, etc. Not to be confused with a subdivision in Park City, UT, above Glenwilde, called The Preserve.


How many lots are in Sheep Creek?

With 142 lots in 4 Phases, Sheep Creek Subdivision is situated on the east bench of The Ogden Valley, north of Wolf Creek Resort.


How much are lot prices?

At the time of writing this article, $85,000-$99,000.



Park with baseball/soccer field also used for football practice, playground, covered bowery for gatherings, trail system w/bridges over the North Fork River.


Please Note:

The North Fork River is seasonal in this location, it dries up towards the summer.

Parts of this subdivision may be located in a hundred year floodplain. Buyers should check with the appropriate sources for verification.

Why Sheep Creek for your homesite? 

Reasonable prices, great views, amenities, some home sizes tend to be a bit smaller. This area in the past has been one of the popular entry level subdivisions, in the Ogden Valley.


Lot Sizes?

Mostly 1/3-1/2 acre, there are exceptions.


What is the terrain like?

Ranges from flat to hilly, a few lots are pretty steep.


Is there an HOA?



Architectural Control?



What about utilities? 

Underground culinary water, some irrigation water depending on the lot, natural gas, sewer, power, phone. Connection fees apply and buyers should be careful in verifying the water situation with their lot!


More information?

Contact “The Valley Broker, “ Ken Turner…

Cell: 801.940.9000 Email: Website: